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tst_gray_code.cpp File Reference

#include "at_gray_code.h"
#include "at_unit_test.h"
#include <iostream>

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struct  bigger_t< T1, T2, false >


 AT_TestArea (ATGrayCode,"gray_code test")
template<typename T, bool verbose> void gray_checker (const T &value)
template<typename T, bool verbose> void graytest (T from=std::numeric_limits< T >::min(), T to=std::numeric_limits< T >::max())
 AT_DefineTest (Basic, ATGrayCode,"Basic gray code test")
 AT_RegisterTest (Basic, ATGrayCode)

Function Documentation

AT_DefineTest Basic   ,
ATGrayCode   ,
"Basic gray code test"   

AT_RegisterTest Basic   ,

AT_TestArea ATGrayCode   ,
"gray_code test"   

template<typename T, bool verbose>
void gray_checker const T &    value

template<typename T, bool verbose>
void graytest   from = std::numeric_limits<T>::min(),
  to = std::numeric_limits<T>::max()

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