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at::MPT_Finder< w_D, w_TD > Struct Template Reference

#include <at_pointers.h>

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Static Public Methods

template<typename w_T> MPT_True finder (const w_T *, typename w_T::PtrTargetMarker *)
MPT_False finder (const w_D *, w_TD *)

Detailed Description

template<typename w_D, typename w_TD>
struct at::MPT_Finder< w_D, w_TD >

MPT_Finder is a temlate used in meta-programming. It is never instantiated. It uses the C++ function resolution mechanism and template instantiation to detect if the type D has a member typedef named PtrTargetMarker with the type TD.
w_D  is the type is being checked for PtrTargetMarker
w_TD  is the type of the PtrTargetMarker typedef

Member Function Documentation

template<typename w_D, typename w_TD>
MPT_False at::MPT_Finder< w_D, w_TD >::finder const w_D *   ,
w_TD *   

template<typename w_D, typename w_TD>
template<typename w_T>
MPT_True at::MPT_Finder< w_D, w_TD >::finder const w_T *   ,
typename w_T::PtrTargetMarker *   

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