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PrivateMutexContext Struct Reference

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Public Methods

 PrivateMutexContext (Mutex::MutexType i_type)
 ~PrivateMutexContext ()
virtual void Lock ()
bool CheckThisThreadHoldsLock ()
bool TryLock ()
void Unlock ()
bool WakeConditional ()

Public Attributes

SpinLock m_spin_lock
HANDLE m_os_semaphore
bool m_recusive
unsigned m_recusion_count
Task::TaskID m_task_id

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PrivateMutexContext::PrivateMutexContext Mutex::MutexType    i_type [inline]

PrivateMutexContext::~PrivateMutexContext   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool PrivateMutexContext::CheckThisThreadHoldsLock   [inline]

This checks that this thread is the thread holding the lock.

virtual void PrivateMutexContext::Lock   [inline, virtual]

Attempt to lock the mutex.


bool PrivateMutexContext::TryLock   [inline]

TryLock will attempt to take the lock without waiting

void PrivateMutexContext::Unlock   [inline]

Unlock this lock. This combines the conditional lock.

bool PrivateMutexContext::WakeConditional  

WakeConditional will awaken the conditional variable (if any)


Member Data Documentation

PrivateConditionalContext* PrivateMutexContext::m_conditional_list

The list of conditional variables that need awakening.

HANDLE PrivateMutexContext::m_os_semaphore

Each mutex has an OS handle to a mutex. This is locked once attempts to attain the spin lock have failed.

unsigned PrivateMutexContext::m_recusion_count

m_recusion_count is the number of times this is locked.

bool PrivateMutexContext::m_recusive

m_recusive indicates that this is a recursive lock

SpinLock PrivateMutexContext::m_spin_lock

m_spin_lock is the basic spin lock - it will fail to get the lock after a small number of cycles.

Task::TaskID PrivateMutexContext::m_task_id

m_task_id is the ID of the task that currently holds this lock.

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