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Generic List Support


class  Default_List_Traits
class  Iterator
class  List1
class  List2
class  List3
class  List4
class  List_EmptyMutex
class  List_Error_Traits
class  List_Mutex
class  List_Traits
class  List_Types
class  ListAccessorDeclare
class  ListElementBase
class  ListNothing_Basic


enum  List_Positions { xE_Element = 0, xE_End = 1, xE_Beginning = 2 }

Detailed Description

List is an alternative to std::list when the need of self-aware class is more appropriate. Hence is a class is to be "aware" of it's container so that it may affect how the container behaves, (like for example move itself from one container to another or erase itself from a container) OR when the need for a class to be associated with one or more containers is required, then this list implementation will provide the appropriate building blocks for creating these class structures.

The basic philosophy of this library is that there are components that are assemebled to create the desired structure. A container aware class is built by assembling various components to create an "apogee" class containing list elements.

This concept may be extended by creating objects that are contained in various other containers, for example collections of maps and lists.

Lifetimes of objects are determined by various traits class like for example ListAccessorDeclare below.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum at::List_Positions

List_Positions are identifiers of position. These are used to determine where the iterator is pointing. An iterator points to the beginning end or in the middle. If an iterator points to the middle the object is a xC_List_Entry otherwise it is a xC_List_Head

Enumeration values:
xE_Element  This indicates that the node is an element.
xE_End  This indicates that the node is the end of the list.
xE_Beginning  This indicates that the node is the beginning of the list.

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