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at::Wrapper_Basic Class Reference
[Generic Factories]

#include <at_factory.h>

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Public Methods

void ReportError (FactoryTraits::FactoryErrorCodes i_code, const AT_String &i_msg)
void ReportFactoryNotFound ()
void ReportCreateException (const AT_String &i_keystr)
void ReportFactoryFailed (const AT_String &i_keystr)
 Wrapper_Basic (StatusReport *io_srep, FactoryTraits::FactoryCreateReportingOption i_create_report_option)

Public Attributes

FactoryTraits::FactoryCreateReportingOption m_create_report_option

Detailed Description

Wrapper_Basic provides some basic wrapper functions methods for reporting errors, throwing exceptions etc. It is the base class for all factories.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

at::Wrapper_Basic::Wrapper_Basic StatusReport   io_srep,
FactoryTraits::FactoryCreateReportingOption    i_create_report_option

Wrapper_Basic constructor

Member Function Documentation

void at::Wrapper_Basic::ReportCreateException const AT_String   i_keystr

ReportCreateException reports an exception thrown error.

i_keystr  is the key converted to a human readable string.

void at::Wrapper_Basic::ReportError FactoryTraits::FactoryErrorCodes    i_code,
const AT_String   i_msg

ReportError will perform the error reporting options requested.

i_code  this code indicates the mode of failure
i_msg  this is the descriptive message associated

void at::Wrapper_Basic::ReportFactoryFailed const AT_String   i_keystr

ReportFactoryFailed reports a factory failed error,

i_keystr  is the key converted to a human readable string.

void at::Wrapper_Basic::ReportFactoryNotFound  

ReportFactoryNotFound reports a "FactoryNotFound" error.

Member Data Documentation

FactoryTraits::FactoryCreateReportingOption at::Wrapper_Basic::m_create_report_option

m_create_report_option indicates the type of action to take when reporting an error.

StatusReport* at::Wrapper_Basic::m_srep

m_srep is set to the user requested status report interface.

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