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at::UrlParser Class Reference

#include <at_url_parse.h>

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Public Types

enum  { InitialDefaultPortNo = 80 }

Public Methods

 UrlParser ()
 UrlParser (const UrlString &i_url, std::string *o_error_message=0)
 UrlParser (const char *i_url, std::string *o_error_message=0)
bool Parse (const UrlString &i_url, std::string *o_error_message=0)
bool Parse (const char *url, std::string *o_error_message=0)
void CombineHostURL (const UrlParser &hosturl)
std::string WriteURL ()

Public Attributes

UrlString m_scheme
UrlString m_host
UrlString m_port
UrlString m_user
UrlString m_pass
UrlString m_path
UrlString m_parse_error

Detailed Description

Parsing class for the basic elemnts of a network URL

See RFC 1738:

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


at::UrlParser::UrlParser const UrlString   i_url,
std::string *    o_error_message = 0

at::UrlParser::UrlParser const char *    i_url,
std::string *    o_error_message = 0

Member Function Documentation

void at::UrlParser::CombineHostURL const UrlParser &    hosturl

CombineHostURL Combine this URL with the URL of the hosturl. This merges 2 urls as though they are the normalized or host (hosturl) of a web page and an embedded (this) url in a web page.

hosturl  the normalized url to fill in the blanks of this.

bool at::UrlParser::Parse const char *    url,
std::string *    o_error_message = 0

bool at::UrlParser::Parse const UrlString   i_url,
std::string *    o_error_message = 0

Parse the passed in URL.

url  is the url string to be parsed
true if the url parsing was successful

std::string at::UrlParser::WriteURL  

WriteURL Write a URL given the data in this URL object

a string of the generated url.

Member Data Documentation

UrlString at::UrlParser::m_host

UrlString at::UrlParser::m_parse_error

UrlString at::UrlParser::m_pass

UrlString at::UrlParser::m_path

UrlString at::UrlParser::m_port

UrlString at::UrlParser::m_scheme

UrlString at::UrlParser::m_user

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