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at::UnitTestTraits Class Reference

#include <at_unit_test.h>

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Public Types

enum  t_TestResult {
  DefaultResult, NotTested, TestSuccess, TestConstructorFailure,
  TestRunFailure, TestDestructorFailure

Detailed Description

Basic stuff about unit tests

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum at::UnitTestTraits::t_TestResult

t_TestResult enumerates various test case results

Enumeration values:
DefaultResult  DefaultResult is used by the unit test to indicate that the unit test key contains the expected result
NotTested  NotTested indicates that no test was performed
TestSuccess  TestSuccess indicates that the test succeeded
TestConstructorFailure  TestConstructorFailure indicates that the constructor for the unit test failed
TestRunFailure  TestRunFailure indicates that the Run method failed.
TestDestructorFailure  TestDestructorFailure indicates that the destructor failed.

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