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at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef ::std::map< AT_String,
typedef FactoryRegister< UnitTest,
UnitTestKey_Basic, Creator0P<
UnitTest, UnitTestKey_Basic > > 
typedef ::std::list< t_ExecutorTestert_ListResults
enum  Operation { RunTests, ListTests }

Public Methods

 UnitTestExecutor_Basic ()
int RunTest (::std::ostream &i_ostr)
bool CheckAreaSelection (const UnitTestArea_Basic *i_area)
int CheckTestSelection (const UnitTestKey_Basic *i_key)
void PerformTest (const UnitTestKey_Basic *i_key, t_UnitTestRegistryType::t_MapEntry *i_entry,::std::ostream &i_ostr, int i_selected)
void SummarizeResults (::std::ostream &i_ostr)

Public Attributes

Operation m_operation
t_StringMap m_areas
t_StringMap m_tests
int m_error_count
int m_level
t_ListResults m_results

Detailed Description

UnitTestExecutor_Basic is a basic unit test executor - it performs all the selected tests and reports the result.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ::std::list<t_ExecutorTester> at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::t_ListResults

t_ListResults maintains a list of test results

typedef ::std::map<AT_String, AT_String> at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::t_StringMap

typedef FactoryRegister< UnitTest, UnitTestKey_Basic, Creator0P< UnitTest, UnitTestKey_Basic > > at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::t_UnitTestRegistryType

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::Operation

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::UnitTestExecutor_Basic   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::CheckAreaSelection const UnitTestArea_Basic   i_area [inline]

Check to see if the area being tested

&param i_area is a pointer &return true if it is selected

int at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::CheckTestSelection const UnitTestKey_Basic   i_key [inline]

Check to see if the test is selected for testing

&param i_key is a pointer to the test key &return true if selected

void at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::PerformTest const UnitTestKey_Basic   i_key,
t_UnitTestRegistryType::t_MapEntry *    i_entry,
::std::ostream &    i_ostr,
int    i_selected

PerformTest will perform a test an create a summary record. If in ListTests mode then a summary record is created only.

&param i_X &return nothing

int at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::RunTest ::std::ostream &    i_ostr

RunTest will run

&return an error code - 0 on success, 1 on failure

void at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::SummarizeResults ::std::ostream &    i_ostr [inline]

SummarizeResults will print in tabular form a list of test results.

&param i_X &return nothing

Member Data Documentation

t_StringMap at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::m_areas

m_areas contains a map of areas to perform

int at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::m_error_count

m_error_count contains a count of the number of errors.

int at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::m_level

m_level is the test level

Operation at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::m_operation

m_operation indicates the operation to perform.

t_ListResults at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::m_results

m_results stores the test results

t_StringMap at::UnitTestExecutor_Basic::m_tests

m_tests contains a map of tests to perform

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