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at::UnitTestArea_Basic Class Reference

#include <at_unit_test.h>

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Public Methods

 UnitTestArea_Basic (const char *i_name, const char *i_description, const char *i_filename, int i_lineno)

Public Attributes

const char * m_name
const char * m_description
SourceLocator_Basic m_locator

Detailed Description

A unit test area is used to describe an "Area" of tests as a "group".

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

at::UnitTestArea_Basic::UnitTestArea_Basic const char *    i_name,
const char *    i_description,
const char *    i_filename,
int    i_lineno

Member Data Documentation

const char* at::UnitTestArea_Basic::m_description

m_description describes the unit test area.

SourceLocator_Basic at::UnitTestArea_Basic::m_locator

m_locator describes the location of the unit test definition.

const char* at::UnitTestArea_Basic::m_name

m_name is the name of this area - this may be used to limit the tests run to a particular area.

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