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at::TwinTraits Class Reference

#include <at_twin.h>

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Public Types

enum  TwinCode {
  Uninitialized, CancelRequested, AideDelete, AideGrabbed,

Detailed Description

TwinTraits contains various Twin interface details.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum at::TwinTraits::TwinCode

TwinCode is used to inform the LeadTwin the reason for cancellation.

Enumeration values:
Uninitialized  Uninitialized indicates a not yet set value
CancelRequested  CancelRequested indicates the the aide was cancelled
AideDelete  AideDelete indicates that the aide was removed.
AideGrabbed  AideGrabbed indicates that the aide was associated with a new Lead.
AideSetupError  AideSetupError indicates that an error was encountered.

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