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at::Task Class Reference

#include <at_thread.h>

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Public Types

typedef SYS_TaskID TaskID

Public Methods

 Task ()
virtual ~Task ()
virtual void Work ()=0 throw ()
void Start ()
void Wait ()
void Wait (const TimeInterval &i_time)
TaskID GetThisId ()

Static Public Methods

TaskID GetSelfId ()


struct TaskContext

Detailed Description

Task is the base "task" class that implements the threading interface for Austria threads. The application is required to implement the "Work" method. Once the class has been created the "Start" method may be called to commence the new thread. The thread

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef SYS_TaskID at::Task::TaskID

TaskID is system specific. The only operations that will be supported across all platforms are ostream << TaskID, equality and less than.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Task constructor.

at::Task::~Task   [virtual]

The Task destructor will implicitly wait for the thread to terminate.

Member Function Documentation

Task::TaskID at::Task::GetSelfId   [static]

Get the thread ID of the calling thread.


Task::TaskID at::Task::GetThisId  

Get the thread ID of the this thread.

The thread ID of this thread.

void at::Task::Start  

Start will initiate the created thread. Start must be called exactly once.


void at::Task::Wait const TimeInterval   i_time

Wait will wait for the termination of this thread. (also called join). This version of wail will not wait more than i_time.

i_time  The maximum time to wait.

void at::Task::Wait  

Wait will wait for the termination of this thread. (also called join).


virtual void at::Task::Work   throw () [pure virtual]

Work is derived by the application to perform the work required by the task.


Implemented in Task_Test.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend struct TaskContext [friend]

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