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at::PtrTarget_Helpers< AtomicCount, w_ptr_style_traits > Class Template Reference

#include <at_lifetime_mt.h>

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Static Public Methods

bool IsRefCountOne (const PtrTarget_Generic< AtomicCount, w_ptr_style_traits > *i_ptr)

template<typename w_ptr_style_traits>
class at::PtrTarget_Helpers< AtomicCount, w_ptr_style_traits >

Member Function Documentation

template<typename w_ptr_style_traits>
bool at::PtrTarget_Helpers< AtomicCount, w_ptr_style_traits >::IsRefCountOne const PtrTarget_Generic< AtomicCount, w_ptr_style_traits > *    i_ptr [inline, static]

IsRefCountOne check to see if there is a single reference to an object. This can be used in optimizations where objects can't be shared but this check can eliminate the unneccassary creation of a new object.

i_ptr  is the PtrTarget_Generic being checked
True is the reference count is currently 1

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