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at::PtrTarget Class Reference

#include <at_lifetime.h>

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Public Methods

virtual ~PtrTarget ()
virtual int AddRef () const=0
virtual int Release () const=0

Detailed Description

PtrTarget is an abstract base class for any class whose lifetime is managed by means of reference counting. This is similar to the interface that Win32/COM provides.

It is not required to use this interface. A substitute PtrTraits class can allow the use of any reference counting class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual at::PtrTarget::~PtrTarget   [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual int at::PtrTarget::AddRef   [pure virtual]

The AddRef() method adds 1 to the reference count to this object.

The current reference count.

virtual int at::PtrTarget::Release   [pure virtual]

The Release() method decrements by 1 the reference count to this object. Once all references have been released (the reference count is zero), the PtrTarget implementation is expected to delete itself. The act of "deleting itself" may be determinted to be different for each kind of implementation.

The current reference count.

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