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at::PtrCOMStyle Class Reference

#include <at_lifetime.h>

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Public Types

enum  { InitCount = 1, DeleteCheck = 0 }

Static Public Methods

template<typename w_type> void ZeroReferenceAction (w_type i_obj)

Detailed Description

COMStyle reference counted objects start with a referece count of 1 and are based on IUnknown which contains a QueryInterface method.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Enumeration values:
InitCount  InitCount is the initial count setting.
DeleteCheck  DeleteCheck may be 0 or 1 which indicates wether incrementing a reference count on a deleted object is tested. This does not apply when InitCount = 1.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename w_type>
void at::PtrCOMStyle::ZeroReferenceAction w_type    i_obj [inline, static]

ZeroReferenceAction overrides what must happen when the the reference count drops to zero. This allows the PtrTarget_Generic template to use other mechanisms.

i_obj  is the this pointer of the
w_type  is the type of the pointer being managed

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