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at::Mutex Class Reference

#include <at_thread.h>

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Public Types

enum  MutexType { NonRecursive, Recursive, Checking }

Public Methods

 Mutex (MutexType i_type=NonRecursive)
 ~Mutex ()
void Lock ()
bool TryLock ()
void Unlock ()


class Conditional

Detailed Description

Mutex is a "mutual exclusion" lock. The goal here is that the Mutex is able to be constructed anywhere, hopefully not requiring an allocation of memory.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum at::Mutex::MutexType

A Mutex may behave in different ways depending on type.

Enumeration values:
NonRecursive  NonRecursive is a "fast" lock. It does not allow one thread to attain the mutex more than once.
Recursive  Recursive allows the process that attains a lock to lock more than once.
Checking  Checking is an error checking lock.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

at::Mutex::Mutex MutexType    i_type = NonRecursive

Mutex constructor initialized the m_mutex_context for this object based on the mutex type.


Mutex destructor.

Member Function Documentation

void at::Mutex::Lock  

Lock will wait indefinitely to attain the lock.


bool at::Mutex::TryLock  

TryLock will attempt to attain the mutex. If mutex is currently taken, TryLock will return immediatly with a "false" return value, otherwise it will attain the lock and return true.

true when lock is taked, false otherwise.

void at::Mutex::Unlock  

Unlock will release the lock. It is an error to call unlock if the calling thread has not previously taken the lock.


Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Conditional [friend]

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