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at::MainInitializer Class Reference

#include <at_start_up.h>

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Public Methods

 MainInitializer (int &argc, const char **&argv)
 ~MainInitializer ()

Detailed Description

MainInitializer is an implemented class that should be placed as the first class created in main. This will cause all Initializer factories taking a ( int & argc, const char ** & argv ) as constructor to be created and destroyed in exit of main.

This can be used as a hook for placing special initializers for various libraries (like NSPR and winsock). Unfortunately for these libraries, they are unable to use the constructor of statically allocated objects as hooks because of various assumptions these libraries make.

The most significant limitation is that these libraries must have their "Initializer" factory registered before main is called.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

at::MainInitializer::MainInitializer int &    argc,
const char **&    argv

This is the MainInitializer constructor to be called in main.

argc  Reference to main's argc
argv  Reference to main's argv


MainInitializer destructor. Any MainInitializer destructor will initiate the destruction of all the Initializer objects.

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