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at::List_Traits< w_payload_type, w_accessor_traits > Class Template Reference
[Generic List Support]

#include <at_list.h>

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Public Types

enum  { DoDereferenceCheck = 1 }

Static Public Methods

template<typename w_list_types> bool ContainerDestructionNotification (typename w_list_types::xC_List_Entry *i_entry)

Detailed Description

template<typename w_payload_type, typename w_accessor_traits>
class at::List_Traits< w_payload_type, w_accessor_traits >

This class determines hoe various features of the list behave.

The user may supply their own version of this class.

Member Enumeration Documentation

template<typename w_payload_type, typename w_accessor_traits>
anonymous enum

Enumeration values:
DoDereferenceCheck  DoDereferenceCheck set to a non-zero value will perform a consistantcy check on dereferencing an iterator.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename w_payload_type, typename w_accessor_traits>
template<typename w_list_types>
bool at::List_Traits< w_payload_type, w_accessor_traits >::ContainerDestructionNotification typename w_list_types::xC_List_Entry *    i_entry [inline, static]

ContainerDestructionNotification is a method that allows an element to perform special functions on destruction of it's container.

On a container that has an "OWNER" relationship, it is desirable that this method would cause the element to be deleted.

This method MUST at least unlink the object from the list.

i_entry  is the entry

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