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at::FactoryTraits Class Reference
[Generic Factories]

#include <at_factory.h>

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Public Types

enum  FactoryErrorCodes { FactoryNotFound, FactoryCreateException, FactoryFailure }
enum  FactoryCreateReportingOption { AllwaysReturn, ThrowOnError, AssertOnError }

Detailed Description

FactoryTraits contains basic enums and interfaces for all factories.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum at::FactoryTraits::FactoryCreateReportingOption

FactoryCreateReportingOption is a set of codes that describe which action to take when creating a factory object.

Enumeration values:
AllwaysReturn  AllwaysReturn requests that a create request does not throw and allways returns. If an error occurs a null pointer is returned.
ThrowOnError  ThrowOnError requests that an exception is thrown (of type StatusReport ).
AssertOnError  AssertOnError requests that the program aborts on error via an assert.

enum at::FactoryTraits::FactoryErrorCodes

FactoryErrorCodes is a set of result codes for status conditions in the factory mechanism.

Enumeration values:
FactoryNotFound  FactoryNotFound indicates that the desired factory was not found.
FactoryCreateException  FactoryCreateException is reported when the factory Create method throws an exception.
FactoryFailure  FactoryFailure is reported when the factory Create method returns null.

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