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at::FactoryRegistryEntry Class Reference
[Generic Factories]

#include <at_factory.h>

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Public Methods

virtual ~FactoryRegistryEntry ()
virtual void RemoveAndDelete ()=0

Detailed Description

This interface allows a factory to unregister from a registry. This is needed to clean up when a dso/dll is unloaded. It also cleans up leaks so that a memory leak trace is not so cluttered. This needs to be an interface because it's implementation cannot be known because it's nigh impossible to define an implemnetation here.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual at::FactoryRegistryEntry::~FactoryRegistryEntry   [inline, virtual]

virtual destructor required here because the object may be deleted. Deleting this object type will *not* remove the entry, RemoveAndDelete should be called to delete AND remove and entry.

This would be used when the factory registry is being deleted and the factory itself is not.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void at::FactoryRegistryEntry::RemoveAndDelete   [pure virtual]

RemoveAndDelete *will* remove an entry AND delete the registry entry. This is usually called by the factory when the factory is going away.


Implemented in at::FactoryRegister< w_InterfaceType, w_KeyType, w_CreatorType >::t_FactoryRegistryEntry.

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