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at::FactoryRegisterRegistry Class Reference
[Generic Factories]

#include <at_factory.h>

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Public Types

typedef PtrDelegate< FactoryRegisterBase * >(* t_creator )()

Public Methods

virtual PtrDelegate< FactoryRegisterBase * > FindOrCreate (const DKy &i_key, t_creator i_create_meth)=0
virtual void Shutdown ()=0

Static Public Methods

PtrView< FactoryRegisterRegistry * > Get ()

Detailed Description

FactoryRegisterRegistry is the registry of registries and is accessible from the single static function.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef PtrDelegate<FactoryRegisterBase *>( * at::FactoryRegisterRegistry::t_creator)()

Member Function Documentation

virtual PtrDelegate<FactoryRegisterBase *> at::FactoryRegisterRegistry::FindOrCreate const DKy   i_key,
t_creator    i_create_meth
[pure virtual]

Find will search the registry for the key required.

i_key  is the key of the factory being requested.
i_create_meth  is a static method that returns a factory of the given type.
A pointer to the factory register.

Implemented in at::FactoryRegisterRegistry_Impl.

PtrView< FactoryRegisterRegistry * > at::FactoryRegisterRegistry::Get   [static]

Get will return a pointer to the single factory register registry. This method is only available from the Austria library.

The factory register registry

virtual void at::FactoryRegisterRegistry::Shutdown   [pure virtual]

Shutdown will clear the factory registry. This can be used to guarentee references to factories are removed on shutdown.

Implemented in at::FactoryRegisterRegistry_Impl.

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