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at::AideTwin< w_aide_interface > Class Template Reference

#include <at_twin.h>

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Public Types

typedef w_aide_interface t_aide_interface

Public Methods

virtual void AideCancel ()=0

Protected Methods

template<typename w_lead> bool WrapLeadAssociate (w_lead *i_lead)
template<typename w_lead> void WrapLeadCompleted (w_lead *i_lead, TwinTraits::TwinCode i_competion_code)
 ~AideTwin ()

Detailed Description

template<typename w_aide_interface>
class at::AideTwin< w_aide_interface >

The AideTwin interface is basically a cancel method. Other parts of the interface may be added through the w_aide_interface interface but the only requirement is that it contains an AideCancel method.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename w_aide_interface>
typedef w_aide_interface at::AideTwin< w_aide_interface >::t_aide_interface

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename w_aide_interface>
at::AideTwin< w_aide_interface >::~AideTwin   [inline, protected]

Member Function Documentation

template<typename w_aide_interface>
virtual void at::AideTwin< w_aide_interface >::AideCancel   [pure virtual]

template<typename w_aide_interface>
template<typename w_lead>
bool at::AideTwin< w_aide_interface >::WrapLeadAssociate w_lead *    i_lead [inline, protected]

WrapLeadAssociate allows subclasses to access the LeadAssociate function.

template<typename w_aide_interface>
template<typename w_lead>
void at::AideTwin< w_aide_interface >::WrapLeadCompleted w_lead *    i_lead,
TwinTraits::TwinCode    i_competion_code
[inline, protected]

WrapLeadCompleted allows subclasses to access the LeadCompleted.

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