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SpinLock Class Reference

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Public Methods

 SpinLock ()
bool AttemptLock (unsigned i_spin_count=GetDefaultSpinCount())
void MustLock ()
LONG ReleaseLock ()
LONG MarkForWakeup ()

Public Attributes

volatile LONG m_value

Detailed Description

SpinLock is the basic element for user level locks. This lock will not lock forever, it will "fail" to attain a lock if the lock is not aquired after the appropriate number of spins.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SpinLock::SpinLock   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool SpinLock::AttemptLock unsigned    i_spin_count = GetDefaultSpinCount() [inline]

AttemptLock will attempt to attain a lock after a said number of spins.

i_spin_count  the count of spins
true if the lock was attained, false otherwise

LONG SpinLock::MarkForWakeup   [inline]

MarkForWakeup will increment the m_value value which will contain the number of threads that are waiting for a lock. If the value returned is "1", it indicates that this thread has actually aquired the lock instead of simply marking a wake-up. If the thread count is greater than 1, the caller MUST wait on the semaphore.

void SpinLock::MustLock   [inline]

MustLock will spin forever to attain the lock. This must only be used in cases where a spinlock will be held for a very short time. This will yield the cpu when attempting


LONG SpinLock::ReleaseLock   [inline]

ReleaseLock will release the given lock. It the value returned is not zero, then there are threads that are marked for wake-up. These threads

Member Data Documentation

volatile LONG SpinLock::m_value

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