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PointerWrapperTest Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef PointerTo< t_iterator
typedef PointerTo< t_iterator

Public Methods

t_iterator MakeIter ()
 PointerWrapperTest ()

Public Attributes

t_list m_list
t_pwrapd m_wrapperd1
t_pwrapd m_wrapperd2
t_pwrap m_wrapper1
t_pwrap m_wrapper2

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef PointerTo<t_iterator>::t_pointer_traits_nodebug PointerWrapperTest::t_pwrap

typedef PointerTo<t_iterator>::t_pointer_traits_debug PointerWrapperTest::t_pwrapd

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PointerWrapperTest::PointerWrapperTest   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

t_iterator PointerWrapperTest::MakeIter   [inline]

Member Data Documentation

t_list PointerWrapperTest::m_list

t_pwrap PointerWrapperTest::m_wrapper1

t_pwrap PointerWrapperTest::m_wrapper2

t_pwrapd PointerWrapperTest::m_wrapperd1

t_pwrapd PointerWrapperTest::m_wrapperd2

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