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at_win32_thread.cpp File Reference

#include "at_assert.h"
#include "at_thread.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include <process.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <new>
#include "at_trace.h"

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namespace  at


struct  PrivateConditionalContext
struct  PrivateMutexContext
class  SpinLock
class  SpinLocker


#define ReferenceMutexContext(i_name)   PrivateMutexContext * i_name = reinterpret_cast<PrivateMutexContext *>( & m_mutex_context )
#define ReferenceConditionalContext(i_name)


const SYSTEM_INFO & GetSystemInfoR ()
unsigned GetCpuCount ()
unsigned GetDefaultSpinCount ()
 AT_StaticAssert (sizeof(at::Mutex::MutexContext) >=sizeof(PrivateMutexContext), Mutex__MutexContext_size_must_be_greater_or_equal_to_size_of_PrivateMutexContext)
 AT_StaticAssert (sizeof(at::Conditional::ConditionalContext) >=sizeof(PrivateConditionalContext), Conditional__ConditionalContext_size_must_be_greater_or_equal_to_size_of_pthread_cond_t)

Define Documentation

#define ReferenceConditionalContext i_name   


PrivateConditionalContext * i_name =                                \
        reinterpret_cast<PrivateConditionalContext *>( & m_conditional_context )

#define ReferenceMutexContext i_name       PrivateMutexContext * i_name = reinterpret_cast<PrivateMutexContext *>( & m_mutex_context )

Function Documentation

AT_StaticAssert sizeof(at::Conditional::ConditionalContext) >=sizeof(PrivateConditionalContext  ,

AT_StaticAssert sizeof(at::Mutex::MutexContext) >=sizeof(PrivateMutexContext  ,

unsigned GetCpuCount  

Uniprocessor systems should (in theory) not do too much spinning on spin locks. GetCpuCount will return the count of CPUs.

unsigned GetDefaultSpinCount  

GetDefaultSpinCount computes the number of spins based on the number of CPUs. Single CPU machines don't need to spin, while SMP machines benefit from spinning at least enough cycles that would allow a cache line to be refectched. This is of the order of 1000 cycles on most modern systems.

a default spin count

const SYSTEM_INFO& GetSystemInfoR  

This is like the windows system call except it returns the GetSystemInfo data.

a const reference to a statically allocated SYSTEM_INFO object.

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