By Gianni Mariani

Austria is a C++ library that contains:

Austria uses the MakeXS build system. It should be a simple matter of typing "make" at the top level directory, or "make devenv" for visual studio.

Click here for Austria's Sourceforge page.


Currently supported platforms are linux x86 and amd64 and win32. It's quite possible that Mac OSX will also work (but not for multi-threaded support). Austria makes heavy use of C++ templates and you will need the latest compilers, currently gcc 3.3.4 (gcc 3.4.x preferably) and MSC++ 7.1.


Bundles are currently only available as source tar.gz files. These are available from here.


Doxygen documentation is also available from here.


Austria will continue to grow. There will be cross platform thread and networking support added as well as some simple utilities. Logo